Scrap Pirates – Week 7

Due to health problems I’ve had to stay at home this week and done whatever I’ve could from there. Most of that work has consisted around iterating and saving up new background tiles, finishing the box blocker tile set with thicker outlines and more interesting energy core, and put together various background decals on a sprite sheet.

bg_a2_06 boxblocker

An updated background tile without lamps as they will be put on separately instead. It took a while to do as I for some reason had to make them tilable again. The box blocker was iterated to fit the units in the game editor and to fit in square tiles.

I started working on the parallax layer of a space scenery but have yet to receive feedback and discuss it with the rest of the group. It’s more like an experiment to see what we should do with it to fit the cartoony style of the game. And there is also the question about the scale of everything. It needs in-game testing together with everything else for us to know. But I can show you the WIP nonetheless.


Next week will be the last week! Let’s do our best!

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