“Needle” WIP – Base Mesh

Long time no see!

We are working in groups to go through the pipeline of making a character, from concept art to finished model with complete texture sets and an animation tree. My two comrades are Alex and Nils and I am in charge of the concept art and modeling. This is what we got so far:


Meet Needle, our tough post-apocalyptic archer girl.


Character Turnaround


Base mesh – ready for rigging

It felt surprisingly painless to start modeling her. Perhaps it is because I made the turnaround myself and have already gone through the thought process of how she is constructed. Maybe it’s also because I’m not a complete beginner to 3D this time, too. The only thing I noticed is that the software is confused with the face orientation of the hair. I had similar problems with it on my previous character and am not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong when mirroring meshes or if it’s a bug. It didn’t prove to be a problem last time however so I’ll probably have to wait it out until it’s time to texturize.

2 thoughts on ““Needle” WIP – Base Mesh

  1. 3ds max always flips the normals when mirroring, it’s a well known issue.
    Glad to hear it’s going smoother this time!

    Check the height of the ankles btw, it feels the angle of the top of the foot between toe base and ankles are very sharp, creating rather tall triangular feet rather than the most common flatter silhouette (see from side view).

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